About Us

Flow Network, as a platform, was conceived upon the foundational logic of complex living systems; which asserts that at both the micro and macro level, people, business, society, the earth, and the galaxy are all connected at the core, as an “internal/external” network, as information + energy vibrating.

Framing the premise of the Flow Network in both a philosophical and practical logic, the core of our global society is business, the core of business is people, the core of people is light, and light as the highest form of vibrational information + energy, fuels flow.

The answer is not out there. The answer is inside each of us, and all of us.

It is the vision of the Flow Network to effect this internal people-to-people-planet-galaxy network in ways that elevate flow consciousness, uplifting all of us, enabling all of us to realize our full potential.

We invite you to Wake Up to Show Up to Light Up to Flow with us.

Sara Di Felice


Sara is an international holistic health & business leader, speaker, producer and co-founder of Flow Network. 

Early on Sara was growing communities in the area of health as well as business.

Believing from a young age, by following your heart, your joy - you will find your truest abundant nature. 

She combines her joy and expertise of video storytelling, business bridging & holistic well-being in her 'role' with Flow Network.

Her passion is inspiring and documenting evolution through her Broadcast Visionary lens, of what she feels is one of the greatest paradigm shifts our humanity will see.

The rise of creative, heart-centered leadership.

Better brighter days are ahead! 


Tim Glover

Tim GloverCo-Founder, Flow Network and Co-Founder, Light-Core Digital Enterprises, Inc.

As a CPA, CA, CMA and corporate strategist, Tim fine-tunes and simplifies the opportunities and challenges of profit, growth and innovation for businesses operating in the new economy.

Tim specializes in identifying an organization’s core strengths and mapping them to the best opportunities in today’s marketplace. Through his work as CFO and General Manager of three Fortune 500 companies, Tim learned to translate the fundamentals of business into bite-sized, practical chunks.

Meanwhile, his “left-brain” careers in advertising, music and art taught Tim to apply innovation, adaptability and creativity in business to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This marriage of right and left brain thinking enables Tim to help businesses and people transform in accordance with their unique needs, desires and performance aspirations.

Tim brings 30 years of experience to entrepreneurial and corporate clients in a variety of industries and has spoken about change and transformation, emerging trends and the power of authenticity in business.


Sharon Gilmour-Glover

SharonCo-Founder, Light-Core Digital Enterprises Inc.

Sharon is Co-Founder of Light-Core, a company specializing in leadership, strategy and transformational change. She has unique skills as a business strategist leveraging research in human behaviour and organizational dynamics to help clients achieve results.

With a Bachelor of Education and graduate work in both entrepreneurship and adult education, Sharon developed the content in the Mechanics of

FLOW2 program. Sharon simplifies complex and seemingly impossible business problems with practical, easy-to-use tools that provide results.

Sharon is passionate about the work, and as an experienced consultant, speaker and adult educator has spoken about change, transformation and how to generate results.

She is the Chair of the GroYourBiz peer advisory board in Burlington, Ontario.

Before co-founding Light-Core, Sharon taught environmental education and leadership and was a working singer/songwriter.