We help people like you who are “waking up” to the implications of The Big Pivot, learn how to show up in a new way so you can entirely light up, to flow, to realize your big dreams.

Ultimately, our deliverable is “sustained performance improvement as it relates to your marketing, sales, profit, productivity and, your business valuation”.

Your problem is that you don’t know what you don’t know.

Here is what is at the root of your unknown, unknowns - you are entirely blind to your unconsciously biased orientation to your world. You don’t see the world the way it is, you see the world the way you are, and that keeps you stuck in a box.

It turns out that most of the legacy orientations to performance improvement, leadership, sales, marketing and culture shift focus on filling the proverbial cup with more and more information, when what you actually need is a bigger box, to start with, then you need to learn how to entirely eliminate your box.

You need what we call bigger bandwidth capacity.

For 27 years, we have helped leaders, founders and creatives expand their bandwidth capacity in business, and life, to realize previously impossible results.

We guarantee you that in a 9 minutes or less phone call, we can help you pinpoint your blind-spot-game-changer-problem, and frame a solution for you for free.

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WAKE UP : MarkeTelling: Start with Where?

MarkeTelling is an alternative, bottom-up orientation to marketing and sales that works for those people and businesses who like you are in the process of WAKING UP to the simple truth that, WHERE you are orienting from, informs 95% of your success.

The significance of WHERE you are orienting from, is a relatively new phenomenon. Let us quickly explain.

For 1,000’s of years, we have as a society oriented from “top down”. A Top down orientation levered fear through position power that hoarded information, and used force to push their version of the “truth” to control the masses. And, because 95% of our unconsciously biased beliefs and behaviour are informed by the predominant influences in our early life – our orientations are, unconsciously, top down.

Hey, fear-based consumerism worked for years – and it’s still working for a whack of people.

But, you are different. You have woken up to aspects of your full potential. You have transformed aspects of yourself – this part is good.

But, because you have transformed, and your orientation to marketing, sales, engagement have not, who you are now being (which is resonant) is now dissonant with your systems of marketing, sales and engagement. This dissonance, translates to poor performance results (logic of complex living systems).

A bottom up orientation to marketing, sales and engagement is a heart centric, grass-roots orientation to the creation of both Wealth & Wellbeing for all. The strategic premise being that, all participants tuck into a collective bandwidth – operating as one resonant (complex living) system.

WAKE UP: What has worked for you your whole working career, will not work in the future.

Flow Leadership: To SHOW UP: Start with How?

The next phase of your journey with us involves a deeper and more intimate level of participation with a bottom up orientation to Leadership, levering the metaphor of Leadership as Flow. This is all about HOW you are SHOWING UP, with the objective of moving from the 1st to 2nd phase of Flow: 1) Going with the Flow to 2) Finding your Flow to achieve previously impossible performance results.

As a bottom up orientation, Flow Leadership engages and uplifts other people, including clients, team, suppliers, stakeholders, by providing them with the energetic lift, inertia and trajectory that they need to achieve their full potential.

Flow Leadership is experienced by others as a “pull” that inspires, motivates and uplifts the individual because it is experienced by them as being 100% subjectively tailored to them – which it actually is.

A great metaphor that we have heard clients use over the years to explain this pull phenomenon is “my team tucks into my bandwidth and is able to access their potential, as a function of our deep alignment”.

Levering a metaphor from the entertainment world, “the audience is transported – taken on a journey by connecting with the artist/song/play/presentation/sale pitch….where they feel like they merge as one, and as such, are filled up by the flow they experience with the connection”.

The Big Pivot: To Light Up: Start with Who?

This is it! This is the phase where you LIGHT UP who you are, and just by Being you, which is essentially the same as Being Present/Presence/Flowing Love, you light up everything and everyone around you. You literally raise the consciousness on the planet at this level of Flow Consciousness.

The interesting thing about this phase is that we human beings cannot evolve in this way by ourselves. We cannot access this level of flow without the help of an experienced guide and/or aligned ecosystem, which is able to interdependently direct the integration of our wholeness.

Within a business context, this is experienced within the context of culture, as in a company-wide, and/or, industry-wide and/or countrywide, and/or planetary transformational culture shift that transcends previously challenging limitations to enable previously impossible sustained levels of Wealth & Wellbeing for all.

This is the Big Pivot.

We believe that everyone on the planet has the potential to make this Big Pivot, either as an individual or as part of an aligned ecosystem/community.

This type of pivot enables transcendence – referred to in scientific literature as the Maharishi Effect, and in our frame of reference, as the Internal Flow Network Effect.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This is the Big Pivot.

For the first time in history, next-gen leaders will, unfortunately, not be able to rely on the guidance of legacy leaders to plot a course forward.

The challenge is one of perspective.

Next-gen leaders, (Millennials, Zers and your grandchildren), “experience” the digital infrastructure in ways that are entirely irreconcilable with legacy leaders, (Xers and Boomers).

Next gens experience Digital in general, the internet and all of its add on’s - as an extension of themselves.

As an extension of themselves, digital/internet/social media mimics their sense of interconnection with each other, with the whole of humanity. Most next gen’s cannot explain why they feel they have no choice but to drink from the digital fire-hose, be entirely consumed by it, and despite the downside, stay connected. For them, it is not a choice whether or not to stay connected – they are connected!

Legacy leaders, in sharp contrast to next gen’s, experience digital as a system – entirely separate from them.

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, and having a solution that ties in life long learning, with entertainment with neural entrainment, which has been trialed in the field over the last 27 years – we have created Flow Network.

If you are interested in this opportunity, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.