Flow Responders mini docu-series

We are Sara Di Felice and Tim Glover.  This is the Flow Responders, a 10 episode series spread across the summer of 2019, documenting our in-flow journey of merging visions as well as the creation of an intergenerational bridge.

Just months after we met, our vision was supported by WeWork, as they provided the space in the downtown Toronto Richmond Street location for the workshop series, 'What's Your Capacity for Success?'

To flow - or fit in, that is the question!

We believe the world of business is in need of an overhaul.

Education, on behalf of business, has killed creativity. Science, on behalf of business, has killed imagination and intuition. Finance, on behalf of business, has shut out women. In most aspects of life, force has tried to kill our natural tendency to flow... and our capacity to be creative, imagine and realize a new world that allows people to realize their personal power and be outrageously themselves.

We invite you to Wake up, to Show up, to Light up to Flow with us in this 10 Episode series.

Stay tuned for the opportunity to become a #FlowResponder in Season 2 of this series!
If you are interested in this opportunity please see our Flow Leadership offering.

Trailer Flow Responders - What is YOUR Capacity for Success?

Capturing the first-ever workshop conducted by Tim and Sara, we begin to;
a) test our working relationship.
b) deliver value to WeWork members and those that find us through meetup and social media.
c) feedback to better understand the needs and challenges of today's next-gen leaders.

S1E1 Flow Responders - Songs From the Swamp of Shame

This is our very first episode…. ever.

This episode of the Flow Responders - Songs from the Swamp of Shame, highlights the power of the swamp - that special place where we find our superpowers as a function of rejecting the shame based notion of needing to "fit in", and rather, we flow - stretch, dive into our fears to discover who we really are, and recover our authentic self - our superpowers.

This episode explores our first crack at presenting the Flow Fundamentals in a workshop format, the first time filming that journey and the first time editing what is so obvious to us, and not so obvious to legacy leaders - a bit up and down and all over the place, ie. songs from the swamp of shame. In retrospect, confronting the paradox between the Need to dig deep, Stretch and Jump before you feel like you are fully ready, and the inevitable journey through the Swamp that all leaders fear, but eventually embrace to move to the next level.

The swamp is our metaphor for resistance, ego mind, fight/flight/freeze, reptilian brain, amyg. hijack. While there has been a lot of literature written on the power of “stretch goals”, and our need to stretch in life and business - there has not been much guidance on how to deal with the swamp of shame.

S1E2 Flow Responders - Pushing the Envelope of Success

What if we are actually all connected? Is that pushing the envelope, is that our current understanding of what it is to flow? Or is that all about fitting in?

Most people that we talk to today will agree, intellectually, that hell YES, we are all connected.

What if there are mechanics associated with being connected?

What if DIGITAL is just a metaphor for all of us being connected? What if there is a new logic, new playing field, new rules, new players and new capacity regarding success in business, and in life ?

And, what if the mechanics of flow, informs that new logic?

This episode, being our 2nd crack at a live workshop regarding flow, starts to push the envelope of success to explore the new logic, new rules, new playing field that is business and life.

S1E3 Flow Responders - SuperHeroes Share YOUR Story

As a species, we are here to be creative, not consumers of data.

Our world is at the crossroads. For 100’s of years we have been consumers and horders of information. The Digital economy has moved us from the Information Age to the Energy Age - where we have the opportunity to be outrageously us - creative OR STAY STUCK competing with each other to fit into a hierarchy that doesn’t have enough open spots at the top of the hierarchy worth fighting over.

This episode acknowledges that we all have the capacity to access our superpowers, and in fact, need to do so sooner rather than later. Each of us has a unique to us role to play. Each of us has their own 100% subjective version of who they are, why they are and how they are.

Time to get on with it - and be outrageously you.

S1E4 Flow Responders - New Mechanics of Business

Trust is a must in this new digital reality.

Trust starts with self, trust in yourself, trust in your perception of reality.

This is not how we have been taught to orient to the world. We have been taught to orient to a world “out there”. In point of fact, our world is 100% subjectively unique to us “in here”. To successfully navigate this new complex digital reality, we need to shift our orientation from 100% “out there” to an integrated “inner, other, outer” reality that starts with mastering your “inner” reality first. This new orientation is critical to success, and is fundamental to the mechanics of business in this new reality.

In this episode, we explore where to look for your super-powers. They are in the swamp. The swamp of shame …. inside you. Yes, your world begins and ends inside of you. You have 100% of the power that you want and need - inside you - to manifest your highest potential, your biggest dreams, your wildest aspirations.

Stop looking out there for the answers - the answers to the problems you believe you have are all inside of you.

S1E5 Flow Responders - Toronto Business Evolution

True to ourselves, our modelling, and our strategy - in episode 5 we explore pivoting from what we call “going with the flow”, to “finding our flow”. And in the process, demonstrate how easy it is to lose our way when we get stuck in our own swamp and get triggered by our unconscious biases, which results in us “pushing” our agenda ahead of its time, rather than being flow, and allowing ourselves to be pulled.

We decided to take a break during the summer. During that break, we reviewed our performance to date, considered whether to proceed, pivot or punt our current strategy. And, in the end, we decided to both proceed, and pivot, simultaneously.

While this episode features all kinds of clever insight, reflection and forward momentum - it is only in the rear view mirror that we can clearly conclude that we pivoted too soon on one aspect of the strategy, and on the other aspect of the strategy, the pivot was absolutely perfect in both it’s timing and its inspiration.

And, as a function of realizing the need to partially pivot, we also realized the upside potential of the mechanics of magic - which we briefly introduce in this episode, as well as future episodes.

S1E6 Flow Responders - SWOT for the Species

In this episode we explore a novel twist on the business concept referred to as a SWOT: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. The outcome is exceedingly enlightening in so much as it shines a rather bright light on the blindspots and barriers that we have as a species when it comes to expanding our agenda to include people, profit, planet, philanthropy, poverty and potential.

This episode would not be possible if it wasn’t for the influence and insight of the workshop attendees who provided an extremely novel twist on the idea of “priorities” (and preferred to stay off-camera) , as seen through the eyes of journalists, politicians, business leaders, economists etc. - and how entirely correct they are in being concerned about our future if we hold to the trajectory established more than 500 years ago.

As a new orientation to business strategy, sales, marketing, leadership and as a reframe on priorities and what really matters, this episode is one of our favourites to date.

S1E7 Flow Responders - Pull Leadership & Sales

What if we are all connected?

What are the real world implications to being all connected?

First off, we need to learn how to embrace the “L” word in business.

Yes, Love, that’s what we’re talking about.

Love attracts, resonance sells, resonance is really self-love, self-trust.

Yup, this is what all the hype boils down to - align yourself with doing and being who you love, what you love. Align yourself with people who get this, team, clients, suppliers, the bank, financer’s etc.

Jump in, learn to first “go with the flow”, then learn to “find your flow”, and ultimately learn to “be flow”. Flow now fully informs the mechanics of performance, that in turn, inform this new energy age, transformational economy, digital world.

This episode dives into the realities associated with the “L” word, the implications to leadership, sales, marketing, operations, structure etc. The Whole that is business and life. Have fun.

S1E8 Flow Responders - Resonance Sells

In this episode we link complexity science to flow to love to resonance to the whole shabang that informs the combined AND that is Wealth AND Wellbeing, in business AND life.

The logic of complex living systems helps us makes sense of the mechanics associated with flow specifically as they relate to generating awesome performance … that can be sustained.

Sustained performance is the elusive element, as it relates to flow.

Everyone has had a flow experience. Anyone can now kick-up their metabolism to a higher vibrational state, by-passing the amygdala hijack, push the envelope through use of substances, and/or plant medicine, monster bonuses, etc.

But, to sustain the flow state - this is the rub. This is the magic.

And, this is precisely what we are about - helping you learn how to be your authentic self, access your superpowers, bring your magic to bear in a world that is looking for you.

Wake up - to go with the flow.
   Show up - to find your flow.
    Light up - being flow.

What the world needs now is more of you being authentically you, not less.

S1E9 Flow Responders - letting go of the old

One of the big “tells” in business strategy, as it relates to navigating complexity (unknown/unknowns) is recognizing when a market is saturated due to commoditization.

“Weak signals”, that others might just discount as “noise”, start to come to your attention that suggest that there is a shift underway, and you need to embrace the shift NOW, or get caught in the undertow if you delay.

As a function of staging workshops downtown Toronto, gathering intelligence regarding market conditions, expectations, trends at both the micro level, and macro level as reflected in global economic and financial trends etc. we concluded that the business professionals appear to have saturated the market with professionalized Incubators, professionalized Accelerators and now are turning their sights to professionalized Scale-up platforms.

Each one of these domains were, historically speaking, the domain of the creative, the entrepreneur, the intuitive navigator, the rebel game changers.

This shift from creative as lead, to professional as lead, for us, is significant.

This episode features various brain storming sessions that we had, to discover how to properly interpret these weak signals, and more importantly recover our superpowers to properly position the Flow Network, The Flow Response and Mechanics of FLOW2 for what we believe is coming - a global Transformational Spin in the Swamp, which happens to be our sweet spot.

PILOT Flow Responders - Reverse Engineered MarkeTelling Journey

Welcome to the Pilot for the Flow Responders

… now for something completely different….

We decided to pivot from tradition and start this series, at the end of the series, looking back, in the rearview mirror so to speak.

One of the first principles with navigating complexity, (unknown/unknowns), is that you cannot accurately predict the future in advance of it revealing itself. Alternatively, what you can use with absolute certainty, is the past - as an indication of the trajectory of the future.

For 20+ years we have used this first principle in our consulting practice, helping clients achieve previously impossible results levering the concept of “reverse engineering” your results - looking in the rearview mirror.

So, here you are.

This pilot is a reverse-engineered pilot, filmed after we edited the full suite of episodes in season one - looking in the rearview mirror.

And, within that holistic contextual frame of reference, the rearview mirror, all of a sudden the ups and downs that we were living day in and day out made perfect sense. And yes, just like our clients - we were floored by the impact of the process…

… the conclusions to pivot/proceed or punt at each stage of our first journey together, became very obvious - which speaks directly to our proposition; the world needs a new learning paradigm in business and in life, to help us successfully transform on a day-to-day basis, in order to successfully navigate this new complex digital environment. And fundamental to that new paradigm is the practice of reverse engineering your performance results to enable and inform flow on a sustained basis.

And, as a pilot, its a bit of a hoot to re-experience the journey in the rearview mirror. :)