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EP 13 | March 26 Imagination & Intellect

Welcome to the Big Pivot.
In today’s Flow Show we explore an aspect of the Big Pivot, the pivot from an exclusive reliance on Intellect to Imagination. And to distinguish The Pivot in physical terms, we tend to link the head/ ego-mind with the Intellect and the heart/ body-mind with Imagination.
Suffice to say that the vast majority of our formal training in school, and business has been focused on IQ, Intellectual smarts. And as the story went back in the day, the smarter you were the better you could expect to fair in life and business.
Well, that story went sideways when EQ, emotional smarts entered the picture. The research on EQ initially suggested that EQ was the differentiator.
Fast forward to today and society has just intellectualized EQ, memorizing these modalities and those tendencies with emotions, labeling some good and some bad and some ....
In our experience, Imagination is what ignites Creative genius. And Imagination resides in the heart, which is the center of our being.
Imagination enables us to Pivot when we would otherwise stay stuck - forever.
Wrapping ourselves in our Superpowers requires tapping our Imagination.
Check it out!
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EP 12 | March 19 Courage & Creativity in Crisis

Flow Show - Courage & Creativity in Crisis.
This is the Big Pivot.
The Pandemic has provided us with the perfect opportunity to slow down, breath, go-inside - figuratively, and physically, pay attention and reflect.
In this Flow Show we share a number of techniques that help you get Grounded, and Be Grounded - as well as providing you with logic to help you understand why being grounded is so important in feeding the energy we need to Be Courageous, Be Creative, Be Response-able and choose the Flow Response rather than the Fear Response.
The historic precedent has now taken a back-seat to new possibilities, new trajectories, new structures, new strategies and new ways of having, doing and being in the world.
Now more than ever creative leaders are coming together to support a new vision for humanity.
We encourage you to be outrageously you: UbU.
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EP 11 | March 12 The State of Grace

Flow Show - State of Grace.
Like a gentle soothing wave that washes over you when facing crisis, uncertainty or a BIG Pivot.
Grace is there.
It is a state that is there loving you, when you can’t love yourself.
It is a state that is there loving your fears, loving your wounds and scattered pieces.
Open to this grace that exists all around and inside of you.

EP 10 | Feb 20 2020 - Crisis as a teacher

Navigating complexity: Learning to embrace feedback from our environment - which is code for, learning to embrace feedback from Crisis.

We human beings are hardwired to avoid crisis, because we are hardwired to avoid pain/fear. This "avoidance of crisis" was helpful back in the day when we were living among the lions, tigers and bears. But, now our avoidance of any type of fear based feedback makes it very difficult to evolve quickly.

And because we as a species have just entered a stage where the speed of our evolution is accelerating, it is fair to predict that we all will have a bunch of crisis, big and small, to navigate.

This Flow Show focuses on providing you with some context as to why we can anticipate crisis, what is good about this type of crisis, and in summary, why learning to embrace crisis as helpful feedback in your navigation of complexity, is really the only option you have.

Q: What's good about crisis?
A: Crisis is the way we tend to WAKE UP., to move from autopilot to conscious pilot.

EP 9 | Feb 27 2020 Break downs and Breakthroughs

Here is something that they probably didn't teach you in school.

To fully breakthrough, you must surrender to "being" broken down, as in having your heart broken, your expectations broken, your plan for holiday, sales run-up, productivity breach.

We humans learn through contrast - that is the reason why the illusion of duality is such a great teacher. In duality, we have the contrast between old way and new way, up vs. down, outside/in to inside/out etc.

Without a contrast - we humans find concepts like "we are all one", "live and let live", "turn the other cheek", etc. very, very difficult to realize.

For example, to truly and deeply grasp the "we are all one" concept, you must let go of the idea that you are your beliefs, or, you are your experiences etc.... to arrive at the personal observation that I am your beliefs, I am your experiences, I am my experiences.... blah, blah, blah, oh ya, right, we are all one...

Breaking down these types of concepts ie. we are all one, live and let live etc. is critical to experiencing at the body level the break down that happens inside our body, when we experience contrast.

The learning comes when we embrace the internal breakdown, as in .... ouch, my heart is broken wide open - let me embrace that sorrow, fear, pain.... so that I can experience the other side of this break down, which is a break through. The breakthrough in the case of the heart might be, hey I felt in my heart that I could not live without you, and hey, here I am getting along fine without you... once I have let you go. Or, in a business context, I felt in my heart that I could not live without this client, or this income stream, or my nest egg of savings .... and here I am after all is said and done... once I have let go of that old way of having, doing and being... getting along just fine.

Simple, but not easy.

EP 8 | Feb 6 - All you need is love

"There's nothing you can do that can't be done
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung
Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game
It's easy." - Beatles

EP 7 | Jan 30 - Going Slow

We tried going Live on Youtube with equipment that didn't workout so well!

However an important conversation about the need for going slow as it relates to mental health, and finding more flow!

EP 6 | Jan 23 - We are the company we keep

Flow Show - We are the company we keep

Talking about frequent frequency and our ability to transcend to new ways of having doing and BEing as conscious co-creators #internalnetworkeffect.

EP 5 | Jan 16 - Fear of Success

Tim & Sara discuss fear of success and the power of the community for accountability to stretch beyond previously impossible results!

EP 4| Jan 9 - Power Purpose Productivity

Today's show we had impact coach Andrew Moss who works with athletes and Millenials and next gen leaders, share his insight on power, purpose, and productivity.

EP 3 | Happy New Year 2020

Welcome to 2020 on Flow Network Community

Today's Flow Show:

Sara & Tim having a casual couch chat, yet deep dive talk about the future of business and life - and the choice that needs to be made collectively!

To FLOW or Fit in? That is the question!

EP 2 | Dec 12 12:12 - Welcome to The Big Pivot

Welcome to The Big Pivot – The Death of Truth, and, The Rise of Trust.

We are excited to provide you with an overview of our thinking on what we are calling The Big Pivot.

The net take away of The Big Pivot is this,
1) The world as you know it, which means, the logic by which you have come to understand your world and the way you believe that it works, the way sales are generated, the way marketing is conducted, the approach to leadership, teamwork, and navigation – is in the process of transforming.

2) These transformations are the result of society as a collective reaching a tipping point, where the average person is going to become so overwhelmed with and by information, they are going to have to pivot on a number of levels, starting with their day-to-day navigation habits of having, doing and being.

3) This is The Big Pivot from the Information Age, to the Energy Age. For some people, this Pivot will not concern them - yet. For you, you will experience this pivot out there first, but eventually, you will experience the big pivot inside you.

4) And, most importantly, the most important skill set to initially hone is your capacity to Trust yourself, which really means learning to trust what you sense, what you see, what you feel and what you think … relative to navigating your day-to-day life.

EP 1| First Ever Episode Setting the Stage

We are just getting into the feel of what we see this show evolving to.

We welcome guests and production support as we grow!